Optical Sound Program St. Pölten

11 10 2017 – 13 10 2017
Freiraum, Herzogenburger Straße 12, FH St. Pölten, Matthias Corvinus-Straße 15, St. Pölten
Curator: Elisabeth Schimana

Photo Gallery

Optical Sound Workshop 11 10 2017 – 13 10 2017, FH St.Pölten

IMA in cooperation with the Master programm Digital Media Technologies (focus Experimental Media) and Freiraum St. Pölten
Directed by Klaus Filip, Arnold Haberl aka noid, Christian Munk
Introduction by Peter Donhauser | Electro-Optical Musical Instruments

Sound Calligraphy Workshop 12 10 2017 18:00, Freiraum St.Pölten

Directed by Ulla Rauter
Introduction by Anna Steiden | Sounding Visions – Daphne Oram’s sounding Utopia

Discourse and Concert 13 10 2017, Freiraum St.Pölten

Presentation of the Workhop results 17:00

Presentation (Re)searching Optical Sound in Croatia 18:30 with Bernarda Cesar and Marija Juza

Panel Discussion | Beyond the Surface 19:00
The Pannel tries to take a look under the surfaces. The invited artists reflect their methods and enter into a discourse with the audience.

Concert 20:30

Billy Roisz | noisycolors
Tamara Wilhelm | Fun with Photoresistors
Ulla Rauter | Sound Calligraphy
Klaus Filip & noid | Sonic Luz
Jerobeam Fenderson | Oscilloscope Music
Miodrag Gladovic & Bojan Gagic | Lightune.G