portrait #03 Heidi Grundmann

A portrait by Roberto Paci Dalò [2007]

IMAfiction #03 07 Heidi Grundmann from IMA on Vimeo.

direction, camera. music: Roberto Paci Dalò | film editing: Davide Montecchi | sound recording: Elisabeth Zimmermann | assistant director: Yue Lu | shot in Vienna, Vancouver, Hornby Island (British Columbia) | postproduction: Velvet Factory and Giardini Pensili (Rimini) | film format: 4:3 | language: English | subtitel: German | duration: 29 min | bonustracks: Kunstradio-Radiokunst excerpts

A portrait of Heidi Grundmann can‘t avoid our two decades of close friendship. A beautiful period full of collaborations, words, laughs, wine, tears, energy, projects, sounds, fi ghts and more. Obviously not simple for me to deal with her history which is also the history of her passionate full support to – at least – three generations of artists dealing with radio, telecommunications, media art, network projects, and more.

Travelling across something like 40 years of private and public life in a sort of permanent electric fi eld, the enormous quantity of data Heidi accumulated, is here literally squeezed in 29 vertigo minutes which include some touching personal memories and a refl ection concerning the situation of women in arts and society. This is, in my opinion, a precious document and I was profoundly happy to have had the opportunity to work together on this portrait. Roberto Paci Dalò

supported by niederösterreich kultur, bm:ukk and ORF Kunstradio