Workshop | Bau Dir Deins!

WORKSHOP for ALL ages from beginners to DIY professionals
Free admission | material fee: 20 euros

Sat. 09/29 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. | Kulturfabrik
Instructors: Tamara Wilhelm, Hillevi Munthe, Uwe Schüler and Jördis Drawe

© Tamara Wilhelm

© Tamara Wilhelm

The love you feel for a sound generator you make yourself is unconditional, in much the same way that homemade jam tastes so delicious even if actually the jar bought at the organic food store is better. That’s why this workshop is THE opportunity for you to take the soldering iron into your own hands and build a unique solar-powered sound generator. No previous experience is necessary because we will be using the thumb-tack technique, which produces wonderful results even for soldering neophytes. Kids, too, will have a blast building their very own chirping friends!

The intimate knowledge we have of the peculiarity of our handmade instruments coupled with their unpredictable behavior turn them into musical counterparts. Especially with solar-powered sound machines whose audio output depends on the rays of the sun or some other source of light we get the creeping feeling that we are dealing with familiar and at the same time foreign creatures, creatures that are always producing surprising new sounds, even if we think we know them quite well.

Tamara Wilhelm will take us through the initial steps; Hillevi Munthe will show us how to knit resistors and integrate other special textiles into electronic circuits. And those who want to know more about CMOS audio synthesis or who have special questions about circuit design can turn to Uwe Schüler and Jördis Drawe for practical solutions or philosophical discussions about feasibility.