portrait #04 Eliane Radigue

A portrait by IMA [2009]

IMAfiction #04 09 Eliane Radigue from IMA on Vimeo.

interviews: Cornelia Primosch (ORF), Daniela Swarowsky | camera: Sepp Thoma (ORF), Anais Prosaic | film editing: Elena Tikhonova, Anais Prosaic | sound recording: Henry Roux (ORF) | sound editing: Elisabeth Schimana | filmed in Paris | film format: 4:3 | language: French | subtiteles: English, German | duration: 15 min | bonus audio track: Jetsun Mila, 84 min

Eliane Radigue has composed electronic music since the sixties. She is the only French woman composer of her generation who can be considered to be a pioneer of this genre, and of minimal music as well.

Her music is a slow flux of dense sounds subject to imperceptible mutations. A timeless architecture of deep vibrations speaking not to the intellect or to hearing, but to the entire body. A music which is unsettling if one submerges oneself in it. A music that possesses the monumental subtlety of the movement of oceans. Emmanuel Holterbach (Translation Leslie Stuck)

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