Intimate Spaces

Nicole Pruckermayr/ Hauten © Lena Tikhonova

Nicole Pruckermayr/ Hauten | © Lena Tikhonova

Biennial festival, workshop and theoretical discours
in cooperation with Hotel Altes Kloster at Hainburg

“I didn’t think it would turn out this way” is the secret epitaph of intimacy. (Lauren Berlant)

Intimate spaces are in constant motion, are ambivalent. They can occur anywhere and are not clearly perceptible. They are characterized by utopias of intimacy, permanence, and the fulfilment of our yearnings. At the same time they are places of vulnerability and fragility. Intimacy is something wild that expresses itself in innumerable and unforseeable forms. It aspires to create stories about itself and others and needs only very few signs and gestures to communicate. It generates an aesthetics of attachments.

The intimacy of artistic expressions creates experienceable spaces: fragile, vulnerable, unforeseeable.