You Never Know

Hillevi Munthe (NO) & Elisabeth Schimana (A)

© Reinhard Mayr

© Reinhard Mayr

The sculpture is a tactile, intimate sound space designed to accommodate one person. It invites the visitor to enter and touch it. It reacts.

The idea behind You Never Know and its form come from thinking about movement. All parts are flexible: the semi-stable metal frame, the moving textile skin that applies shape memory alloy technology (muscle wire), or the sound flowing over the object. Embroidered potentiometers and sewn touch sensors allow the visitors to interact with the objects.

Intimate spaces are flexible spaces, unforeseeable. So, you never know…

Conception: Hillevi Munthe & Elisabeth Schimana
Textile skin, muscle wire, sensors: Hillevi Munthe
Sound and interaction: Elisabeth Schimana
Metal work: Eskil Tin
Technical supervision: Norbert Math and Günther Schiebeck
Production Assistance: Lea Basch
Coproduced by Atelier Nord, Oslo, and IMA Institute for Mediaarcheology, Hainburg