Max Brand Biography


Max Brand | © Max Brand Archiv

written by Helmuth Schwarzjirg

1896 Max Brand was born on April 26th in Lemberg (this day Lviw / Ukraine) .
1907 moved with his parents (Jakob und Ida Brand) to Vienna / Austria.
1909-10 Attendance of the private school (Institut am Rosenberg) in St.Gallen (Switzerland).
1915 Intending as a One-Year-Volunteer in the k.u.k Army.
1916 Nomination as a Leutnant der Reserve.
from 1918 Education of Franz Schreker in Vienna.
from 1921 Education of Franz Schreker and Alois Haba in Berlin
1921 | Debut as a composer at the international music festival in Winterthur (The composition from that time are lost).
1922 First preserved piece Nachtmusik für Kammerorchester.
from 1924 Max Brand lives again in Vienna. | At 13. September 1924 Max Brand experiences the world premiere by Arnold Schönbergs Bläserquintett op. 26, one of the first works, which Schönberg wrote in twelvve-ton technique.
1925 Marriage with Fela Gütermann from Salzburg. | Rooter of Karl Kraus.
1926-27 Compositions for the revues of the communistic Roten Hilfe (lost). | Establishment of the Mimoplastisches Theaters für Ballett. | Composition of the Balletts Tragödietta.
1928 World premiere of Max Brands Fünf Balladen nach Else Lasker Schüler (Biblische Balladen).
1929 Death of Fela Brand.
 | World premiere of the opera Maschinist Hopkins at the Tonkünstlerfest in Duisburg on April 13th.
1932 With Hans Heinsheimer foudation of a opera – studio at the Vienna Raimundtheater. In that context Austrian premiere of Kurt Weills opera Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagony. | Experiment with Sound film.
1938 Emigration to Prag.
1939 Emigration to Rio.
1940 Marriage with Anna Skutsch on September 28th. | Friendship with Heitor Villa-Lobos, to whom he dedicate his chamber music piece Peca para flauto e piano
 | Emigration to New York.
1944 Performance of the scenic oratorio The Gate at the Metropolitan Opera on May 23rd 
1945. | US Citizien.
1950 World premiere of the symphonic poem The Wonderful One-Hoss-Shay with the Philadelphia Orchestra under the direction of Eugene Ormandy on Jannuary the 20th.
from 1959 establishment of an electronic studio in his own house. | Together with Fred Cochran and Robert Moog he buildup a synthesizer (Moogtonium).
1973 Concertante partly performance of the opera Maschinist Hopkins conducting Friedrich Cerha at Steirischer Herbst.
1975 Return to Austria (Langenzersdorf near Vienna).
1979 Performance of the electronic epic The Astronauts in the Foyer at the Wiener Konzerthaus.
1980 Death on April the 5th in the Landeskrankenhaus Klosterneuburg-Gugging. | Cremation on the Wiener Zentralfriedhof (Honorary grave from the City of Vienna).
1989 Establishment of the Max Brand Archiv at Hanak Museum in Langenzersdorf.

The following electronic pieces by Max Brand can be dated and remained:
1959 / Jungle Drums, Drums of Africa | 1960 / Funeral for a Cat, Nocturno Brasiliero | 1962 / The Astronauts, Four French Folk Songs | 1963 / Stormy Sea | 1973 / Ilian