Max Brand Exhibition 2014/15 Moskau

Insatiable Desire

As part of the exhibition Focus on Reality | Pioneers of Sound
FR 19 12 2014 bis SO 01 02 2015 | WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art, Red Hall, Moscow
DO 18 12 2014 19:00 Opening with music for the Max Brand Synthesizer and the Thermenvox
Hell Machine by Elisabeth Schimana with Manon Liu Winter and Gregor Ladenhauf
FR 19 12 2014 17:00 Max Brand workshop with Elizabeth Schimana and Gregor Ladenhauf
SA 20 12 2014 17:00 Theremenvox workshop | 19:00 Lecture by Andrei Smirnov Early sound films and the history sound synthesis featuring Marina Sholpo and Nicolai Izvolov

© Winzavod

© Winzavod

WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art presents within the series Focus on Reality the second exhibition wirth the titel Pioneers of Sound. The exhibition is devoted to a forgotten history of electronic music in Russia and abroad and its unique devices and concepts which have been ahead of time but undeservedly been forgotten. Project Curator Andrei Smirnov is going to present a collection of early electronic musical instruments, inventions and archival documents of the first half of the XX century. The exhibition will also include concerts, performances, lectures, workshops and excursions.

One section of this exhibition, curated by Elisabeth Schimana, is devoted to the Austrian pioneer of electronic music Max Brand and his legacy the Max Brand Synthesizer, also known as Moogtonium, designed by Max Brand and manufactured by the young Bob Moog whose last name – Moog – is now familiar to every fan of electronic music. A central theme of this section is Max Brands insatiable desire for the theater and his already in the 20es formulated futuristic ideas of a machine theater.

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Lender: Wien Bibliothek im Rathaus, Max Brand Archiv