Intimate Spaces 2012 | IMA Reloaded

SA 29 09 15:00 to SO 30 09 18:00 |Klosterhof Hainburg | Kulturfabrik

Seppo Gründler | “While my guitar gently sleeps” Hotel Altes Kloster | Foto: Lena Tikhonova

Seppo Gründler | While my guitar gently sleeps
Hotel Altes Kloster | Foto: Lena Tikhonova

IMA Institute of Media Archeology relocated to the Klosterhof, the inner courtyard of the old monastery, and this move has shifted it into the center of the city of Hainburg. Our first exhibition and festival is entitled Intime Räume / Intimate Spaces and will integrate the entire Klosterhof and the Kulturfabrik into its concept.

IMA Soundgalerie
You Never Know
Tactile soundspace by Hillevi Munthe & Elisabeth Schimana
Intimate Spaces in 5.1
ORF Kunstradio pieces by Andres Bosshard, Lucas Cejpek, Margarita Jimeno, Birgit Kempker, Ines Lechleitner, Anna Friz/Emmanuel Madan, Peter Pessl and Andrea Sodomka, curated by Elisabeth Zimmermann

IMA Festival

Courtyard | 10 rooms in the Hotel Altes Kloster | workshop | 8bit disco | theory brunch

Concerts, installations, performances, lectures
with Martin Breindl, Jördis Drawe, Günther Gessert, Sharon Graham, Seppo Gründler, Patrick K.- H., Hans W. Koch, Verena Kuni, Marta Moreno Muñoz, Pia Palme, Nicole Pruckermayr, Noise Battle, Norbert Math, One Man Nation, Paul Scheibelhofer, Martin Schemitsch, Uwe Schüler, Elena Ungeheuer, Eva Ursprung, Anne Wellmer, Tamara Wilhelm

Organisation: Regina Lercher | editorial: Elisabeth Schimana, Caroline Profanter | English translation: Kimi Lum | light and sound technition: Günther Schiebeck, Christoph Hofer, Makava Soundsystem | mounting: Peter Rizzolli