Weave (1995)

Elisabeth Schimana

© Elisabeth Schimana

© Elisabeth Schimana

Contribution to Schlafradio by Norberth Math
Produced by ORF Kunstradio

Weave glides from a state of waking to one of non-REM sleep and from there to the REM sleep–dream phase, paradoxical sleep.These different sleep and dream phases begin with a text by Andre Stanley and a music box melody. Speech and sound transmute and thicken, the sound fabric seems to condense into clouds that drift by in the dream. Interwoven throughout is the voice of Elisabeth Schimana. Memories of the waking state are reinvented. 

The original material stems from Norbert Math’s first “Schlafradio” (sleepradio) show, a radio production that formed the basis for all subsequent contributions to the work in progress.