Dieter Kaufmann


(„bridges and breaks 1969 – 2007“)
Op.109, 2007, 58 min. Ed. D.K., with text-fragments by Michelangelo, Hölderlin, Rilke, Musil, Wittgenstein,E. Jandl, J. Winkler, Th. Brando

I.) 10’, Op.12-19a/1969-71 (Jandl)
II.) 10’, Op.14-25/1970-73 (Michelangelo, Hölderlin, Rilke)
III.) 10‘, Op.24-65/1973-91 (Jandl)
IV.) 10‘, Op.59-70/1987-93 (Musil)
V.) 10‘, Op.75-87/1994-2001 (Wittg.)
VI.) 8‘, Op.90-101/2002-06 (Winkler, Brando)

„Symphony“ – sound-competition…
How does he sound, such a composer in the time from 1969 to 2007, that means between his 27th and 67th birthday ? May be he has developed something like personal aesthetics. He (You?) will recognize it in particular 40 years later: In the first time does not (not yet) existe this technic of „over-painting“, with a view to hide differences, but there is (almost by chance) a kind of simultaneity, revealing stylistic coherencies. And what will he become?…
Six chapters of an acousmatic biography !