Andrea Sodomka

© Martin Breindl

© Martin Breindl

Since 2012, within the framework of „metamusic“, a soundproject for grey parrots by alien productions,. I’ve been collecting soundrecordings of grey parrots. The sound of Electroacoustic Instruments – specially developped for the parrots -, the parrots‘ vocalizations and their conversation are all soundmaterial for metavoices.
First being a pure documentary project, soon the variety of sounds of the parrot’s voices and their way of using the specially for them designed instruments, was for me an inspiration for sound processings.

field-recordings by:
Martin Leitner, Susanna Niedermayr, Norbert Math, Iris Baldinger, Andrea Sodomka, and many others.

With the voices and sounds of:
Billy, Wittgenstein, Pauli, Jacko, Rosi, Bimboli, Kasi, Chica, Lukas, Kurti, Rolli, Mickey, Cleo, Kiki, Joki

In cooperation with:
ARGE Papageienschutz
FWF-Programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK)
Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz
ORF-OE1 Kunstradio