insight-Tower – a World Machine

NÖ Landesausstellung 2011 Kulturfabrik Hainburg
16 04 2011 – 15 11 2011

Stick your head into the Net.
The tower is only for looking into, not entering. The act of inserting one’s head starts the World Machine and condemns the participants to relinquishing their profiles. The heads hear low voices, are presumably confronted with a counterpart. If their gaze falls on the floor of the tower, they experience real searches in process about the content of the exhibition. Relevant underlying processes such as the structure of the Net, data localization, or data traces and paths become visible.

in cooperation with FH-Joanneum Graz
Konzept: Seppo Gründler, Nicole Pruckermayr, Elisabeth Schimana, Martin Schitter