the great score

Seppo Gründler & Elisabeth Schimana

Broadcast live on air in 5.1 Surround Sound and on line: Ö1 Kunstradio – Radiokunst, January 1st, 2006.

© Ö! Kunstradio

© Ö! Kunstradio

Over the course of five years, the „great score“ was performed in Budapest (2001), Moskow (2002), Amsterdam (2004), Linz (2004), Vienna (2005), Ljubljana (2005) and Graz (2005) leaving the basic structure of the piece for interpretation to varying artists and musicians. These artists contributed to the last version of the „great score“ which took place in form of a net concert by sending sound streams from their respective locations.

With their radio version in 5.1 Surround, Seppo Gründler and Elisabeth Schimana finally combined the different musical interpretations of the defined structure on air. At the ORF Funkhaus in Vienna, they were making a live mix of the incoming sound material from the network, namely from the Budapest-based artists Zsolt Sores and Pal Toth who were performing live at Radio Tilos in Budapest, from Yuri Spitsin, a Moskow-based artist who was streaming from Dartmouth College in the USA; in Hainburg, Anne Wellmer, an artist from Amsterdam, was performing at the IMA Institute of Media Archeology whilst Günther Gessert was participating at Radio FRO in Linz and the artist group alien productions were performing at the ORF Funkhaus in Vienna. Borut Savski and Brane Zorman were sending their sound contributions from the premises of Radio Student in Ljubljana and finally the Austrian media artist Reni Hofmüller was performing live at Radio Helsinki in Graz.