Performance Nightline


4:3 is a resonating memory trace transforming the experiments of Mary Ellen Bute together with Lev Theremin in the 30th in his in New York studio working on the idea and technical possibilities of controlling and connecting light and sound.

“We immersed a tiny mirror in a small tube of oil, connected by a fine wire which was led through an oscillator to a type of joy-stick control. Manipulating this joy-stick was like having a responsive drawing pencil, or paint brush that flowed light and was entierly under the control of the person at the joy-stick.“ (Mary Alan Bute found in Albert Glinsky, Theremin, 2000)

composition and electronic: Elisabeth Schimana
flute: Cordula Bösze
terpsiton: Elena Golovasheva
instrumentdesign: Andre Smirnov

A History of Mapmaking

solo performance by
Rebekah Wilson aka Netochka Nezvanova

Talking without Language / Speaking without Words

Soundperformance by Liesl Ujvary
theremin and electronic: Liesl Ujvary and Ann Cotton

IMA SALON chill out

Turntabel improvisations by Ushi Reiter and live visuals by starsky

Reiter’s manipulations are entirely intuitive and manual. Digital sounds produced by women and found on the Net are pressed on an analogue record, and along with a collection of acoustic material exchanged among the initiators, they serve as the starting material for improvisation. Scratching, needle drops, sound scraps conjoin into a dialogue with the visually filled space, leading to a pattern in search of the “right” sound groove.