Festival Intimate Spaces | On the Reality of Dreaming and the Nightmare of Reality

© Otto Havelka

Rezeptionshaltungen | © Otto Havelka

FR 26 09 to SO 28 09 2014
Cooperation with the Hotel Altes Kloster | Hainburg a.D.

8 positions by 8 artist in 8 hotel rooms
FR 20:00 – 22:00 | SA 14:00 – 20:00 | SO 11:00 – 17:00

ADREAMLESSMIND | Sylvia Eckermann (A), Nightmare | Jogi Hofmüller (A), Rezeptionshaltungen | Volkmar Klien (A), Dream Room 111 | Ona B. (A), CON-MACHINE | Christian Stefaner-Schmid (A), Lucid Peninsula | Time’s Up (A), In[ter]sect | Evgeniy Vashenko (V4w.Enko) (UA), CHOVEN | Alla Zagajkevich (UA)

Opening FR 26 09 2014 20:00

Performance Wellness Freedom of sense with reference system | Susanne Schuda (A)
Video Outdoor Weave | Michael J. Schumacher (US) / Nisi Jacobs (US)
Sound Outdoor Weave | Elisabeth Schimana (A)

Supported by niederöstrreich kultur, bundeskanzleramt:kunst, Stadtgemeinde Hainburg, Metallbau Eybel, Hotel Altes Kloster

Tara Chia Intime Räume 2012 | © Reinhard Mayr

Tara Chia Intime Räume 2012 | © Reinhard Mayr

The festival Intimate Spaces first took place in 2012 at ten rooms of the Hotel Altes Kloster in Hainburg. 2012 the focus was on intimate spaces themselves, occuring anywhere, not clearly perceptible and in constant motion. 2014 we continue with the very specific intimate space of dreaming.

2013 we decided to host a biennial festival, workshop and theoretical discours on a specific theme. Therefor 2013 we organized a workshop and theoretical discours on dreaming and lucid dreaming . For this workshop and discours we invited the artists: Ryoko Akama (GB/JP), Sylvia Eckermann (A), Jogi Hofmüller (A), Volmkar Klien (A), Slavo Krekovic (SK), Elisabeth Schimana (A). Susanne Schuda (A), Christian Stefaner-Schmid (A), Evgeiy Vashenko (UA), Alla Zagajkevich (UA) and the theorists: Katharina Gsöllpointner (A), Friedrich Tietjen (DE), Jozef Cseres (SK).

Workshop (directed by Dr. Brigitte Holzinger) and Theory Brunch gave the basis for the artistic concepts for the festival 2014. Eight of this concepts will be realised in the festival.

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