Eveline Wandl Vogt

1969, is an Experimentalist, Network Facilitator, Cultural Lexicographer, Founder and Coordinator of Exploration Space (11.2017-), Working Group Methods and Innovation at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austrian Center for Digital Humanities (ACDH). The working group opens a creative link between methods and practices of humanities, environmental studies and geography as well as nature and design. Eveline works as a research manager and expert in various international initiatives, v.a. in the field of technical and social research infrastructures (ADHO, DARIAH, ECSA, COST actions, Open Knowledge, standardization). Eveline has a multidisciplinary university background (German Philology, Geography, Theater Studies, Education, Social Innovation) and experience in Lexicography, Data Curation, Design Thinking, Open Innovation in Science and Diversity Management. She is an Ambassador for Open Science and Open Innovation in Science.